"I also think we will become a species of leisure, that is until something more important comes up. We might seek to occupy ourselves with things that bring us true joy and meaning, regardless of how society today would label said activity. Work for survival, I think, will be a notion of the past."

I think this is going to happen in first world countries initially.

As someone living in a developing country that is fully unionized it is not that likely for us here. And if it does occur, how will the former working class earn income? A lot of these ideas are influenced by our surroundings and what we deem normal.

Many countries are lacking in basics like running water or flushing toilets but we would like AI to take over all our jobs so we can kick back and do whatever we please.

The ideas are there but implementation all over isn't going to happen simultaneously.

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I will admit that I used to think the concept of Singularity was BS. But now with this increasingly-accelerating rate of growth and innovation, I am more than certain that we will reach that point, probably even during our lifetimes.

For some reason, we as humans tend to think of the future as only a slightly modified version of the present. But we couldn't be more wrong.

Interesting times ahead haha

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May 22, 2023Liked by Linus Ekenstam

A clear sighted state of play, with brevity, and no hysterics.

You're not wrong.

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Photo of the baby and the robot very fitting for your piece. Thousands of humans and plasticky stuff to create that one robot; only two humans with hopefully some love to create the baby.

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From the inside knowing what AI has a potential to achieve is quite different for those on the outside who prefer what they have traditionally known to work and would rather trust than an assumption to yield real results. Pointing out our human inability to grasp logarithmic potential growth is possibly more inclined to disrupt progress. We don't know what we don't know, then how can we use it?

I distrust the idea that humans long for leisure. We long for greater meaningful engagement with our family, social community, knocking down the oppressive elements around us. That is much more nuanced in our thinking than anything artificial can emulate in my imagination. We long to engage more in community for positive benefits that eliminate barriers. Our happiness is not based in externalities as the corporate market place insinuates. However it is what it can do in as simple a process interface that will be something to watch. If it becomes too frustrating we will smash it to pieces or simply discard it.

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